Voice Control Wooden LED Digital Alarm Clock

Voice Control Wooden LED Digital Alarm Clock

Digoo DG-AC1 Wooden LED Digital Alarm Clock with Time Temperature and Voice Control
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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Brand : DIGOO



Specification :

Mode Digoo DG-AC1 Wooden LED Digital Alarm Clock
 2 Mode Time Thermometer Voice Control Desk Clock  
Buzzer Time One Minute
Size 90mm x 90mm x 34mm / 3.54" x 3.54" x 1.34"
Color Brown (Yellow Light) & Black (White Light)
Light Level Support 3 Light Lever Option 
Display Large Digital LED Light Screen Display
Time & Date & Year & Temperature
Function Calendar & Time & Date Display
Alarm Function (With 3 Alarm)
Indoor Thermometer(°C/°F)
Power off Memory Function  
Voice Control Mode
Display Mode  2 Display Mode  
Hours 12 / 24 Hours Selectable
 Temperature Range  0℃ - 50℃ ( 32°F ~  122°F)
Detection period 30s
Voltage DC 5V
Power By  3 x AAA Batteries or USB Cable

Feature :

ENERGY SAVING -- Clock display can be set to power saving mode, enabling any touch to the clock or make a sounds up to 65dB to wake up the display for 15 seconds. Perfect for conserving power in your home.
MULTI-FUNCTION -- Displays time, date and temperature with great functions. Alarm function, 3 alarms which is perfect for people that need to wake up early.
FASHIONABLE -- Wood shape and texture will bring the breath of nature into the room. The perfect fusion of a simple alarm clock, practical and simple appearance.
GENTLE LIGHT -- The gentle LED lights will display in the smooth wood surface, even at night you can clearly see the time.

DUAL POWER SUPPLY -- Clock is powered by 3 x AAA dry batteries (no included) or DC 5V/500mA. Running on included USB cable can keep the display on.

Package Included :

1 x Digoo DG-AC1 Wooden LED Digital Alarm Clock 
1 x Digoo DG-AC1 USB Cable
1 x Digoo DG-AC1 Full English User Manual
1 x Digoo DG-AC1 Original Color Gift Packaging


Average rating:
5.0 / 5.0
Very nice for the price.` I wish it was sound sensitive like the original moma one
September 08, 2017
petit réveil numérique super sympa indiquant l'heure la date la température de la pièce enfin plein de fonction y compris le réveil et en plus il peut se brancher sur le courant via l'USB, j'aime bien il a un beau look.
September 04, 2017
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