LED Adjustable Display Wooden  Alarm Clock

LED Adjustable Display Wooden Alarm Clock

Digoo DG-AC80 LED 12/24 Hour Adjustable Display Wooden Clock Wirless Charging Voice Control Alarm Clock
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Brand Digoo
Model DG-AC80 Wireless Charging Voice Control Digital Wooden Alarm Clock
Size 170mm x 75mm x 80mm / 6.6 " x 2.9" x 3.14"
Color  Original Wood Grain  
Input Voltage / Working Power  DC5V / 5W
Wireless Charge  Support QI Real Wireless Charging for Phone
(Basic Cover all IOS & Android &  Symbian etc)
Fuction Three Modes Display
12/24 Hour Format Selectable
Voice Control
Wireless Charging
℃ / ℉ Temperature Display
Chargering Current 500mA-1000mA
Chargering voltage 5V
Working Distance 6mm
Chargering Efficiency 75%
Standered QI Wireless Chargering Standered
Power DC5V/1000mA /AAA battery ( not included) 
Inside with button cell, maintain normal timing although power off.

Feature :

[ Display ]

Three modes. 
dP-1 Mode: LED screen automatically conversion time, date, temperature;
dP-2 Mode: The default of display time, then switch to any mode, then display that mode; After setting and exist this mode then display it .
dP-3 Mode: The default of display time, and after each mode setting, then exist to display that mode setting, after 15s switch to Time display.

[ Timing ]
12/24 hour format selectable (initial model: 12 hour)

[ Alarm ]  
3 sets alarms , Alarm clock with “Beep Beep Beep ” lasting 1 minute.

[ Voice control ]
Open “Power Saving Mode” (display onSd), after 30s no any press ,LED display automatically closed,
enter into power saving mode ,but background keep timing and temperature ,and save the setting before.

[ Wireless charging ]
Connect the USB cable power supply, mobile phone placed on the tops of the products in the area of wireless
charging is charging.

[ ℃ / ℉ Temperature Display ] 
Long press DOWN 2 seconds( not under setting & alarm Mode), adjust ℃ / ℉.                     

Package Includes :

1 x Digoo DG-AC80 LED 12/24 Hour Adjustable Display Wooden Clock 
1 x Digoo DG-AC80 English Mannual 
1 x Digoo DG-AC80 Special USB Cable
1 x Digoo DG-AC80 Original Package Box



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