2G&WIFI&433MHZ Security Alarm System Kits

2G&WIFI&433MHZ Security Alarm System Kits

DIGOO DG-HAMB 2G&WIFI&433MHZ DIY Smart Home Security Alarm System Kits 4.3Inch Full Color Capacitance Touch Screen APP Powered by Tuya
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- The host is equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen that is less prone to wear, lower power consumption, and better display.
- WIFI + 2G networking, support APP push, voice monitoring and other multi-channel alarm methods.
- 5 groups of preset alarm calls, set their SMS switch and voice switch respectively.
- Support APP remote control and parameter setting.
- Supports more than 10 alarm type zone names such as main door and lobby.
- Supports low voltage alarm reminder & external wireless siren.

  Basic Parameters of the Host
  Brand   DIGOO
  Model   HAMB
  APP Name   Digooife
  Power supply   Micro USB 5V / 1000mA
  Backup battery   3.7V lithium battery
  Battery capacity   500mAH
  Screen type   Full capacitive thermal touch screen
  Screen size   4.3 inches
  Power consumption   <55mA (under standby)
  Size   9.8cm*16cm
  Working temperature   -10 ~ 55 ℃
  Working humidity   <80% RH (non-condensing)
  Support language   Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Hungarian
  Polish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Greek
  Wireless frequency   433Mhz
  Frequency card frequency   125KHz
  GSM   2G GSM network, 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  Network    IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4GHz WIFI 
  Set SMS alarm    5
  Set alarm calls   5
  Delay setting   √
  Tone setting   √
  SMS notification   √
  Keyboard lock   √
  Button sound   √
  Arming and alarm record query   √
  Siren code learn   √
  Decoder   √
  Socket On/Off Timer   √
  Alarm socket   √
  EOL zone   √
  Supported accessories  
  Remote control    10pcs
  Detector   99pcs
  RFID card   10pcs

Door and Window Sensor
  Basic Parameters
  Power supply   CR2032 button battery
  Power consumption   <1uA (in standby mode)
  Sensing distance   20mm
  Wireless frequency   433Mhz
  Transmitting power   10dBm
  Working temperature   -10~55°C

Human Body Motion Sensor
   Basic Parameters
  Power supply   1.5V AA three-cell battery
  Power consumption   <15uA (in standby mode)
  Detection angle   <12m/110°
  Wireless frequency   433Mhz
  Transmitting power   10dBm
  Working temperature   -10℃~55°C

Remote Controller
  Basic Parameters
  Power supply   CR2025 button battery
  Power consumption   <1uA (in standby mode)
  Wireless frequency   433Mhz
  Transmitting power   10dBm
  Working temperature    -10~55°C

Package Includes:
1 x DIGOO DG-HAMB 2G&WIFI&433MHZ Security Alarm System Host
1 x 433MHz Human Body Motion Sensor
2 x 433MHz Door and Window Sensor
2 x 433MHz Remote Controller
1 x 1m Micro USB Power Cable
1 x Screw Bag
1 x User Manual


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