10 inch Electrical  Desk Fan

10 inch Electrical Desk Fan

Digoo DF-101 10 inch Large Full Black Metal Electrical Rotatable USB Rechargeable 18650 Battery Cool Desk Fan
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Description :

Digoo DF-101 Full Black Metal Large Electrical Rotatable USB Rechargeable 18650 Battery Cool Desk Fan

Unlike all the other plastic USB desk fan before, the winds are focus on a narrow area makes your skin uncomfortable after use in a certain time. This is the one really match your desk and satisfy you! Its 10" large size full metal frame will make the biggest impression on you, it provides a larger flow area, not only produce cool wind but also let you completely relax. Grab it in your hand, its quality full metal shell will give you a unprecedented quality feeling of steel, the pure copper bruseless motor guarantee it can work in a very low noise and won't disturb you.

You can power it on in a much convenient way than all other fans, if there is a socket plug near you, it can be powered by an AC adapter, if there is a USB port near you, it can be powered by a USB cable, and if you want to take it out, to your garden's table, your yard's party, or join your outdoor activities, your fishing in weekend, your camping in holiday, it is always ready to go and serve you well, because it also be supported by rechargeable 18650 battery, turns to be a Wireless Fan.

It is 360° rotatable, you can turn to any angle as you wish, thickend rubber stand let it stand on your desk firmly, it got 2 level wind speed for optional, its strong but comfortable flow can let you enjoy it from even 3 meters away, help you build a healthy room air circulation, works as a large fan but just with a USB/Battery power, imagine how convenient, how portable, how space saving and how power saving it can be!
There was so much to love about your new desk fan! :)
Specification :

Brand : Digoo
Model : DF-101

Release Date : July 4th-2016 (Newest Model)
Frame Diameter : 10.43inch / 26.5cm
Motor Heart : DC Brushless Motor

Power by : AC Adapter, 5V USB Port, 18650 Battery (Includes)
Rotatable : 360° Full Angles
Battery Charging Time : 5 hours(2 Batteries)
Battery Mode Working Hour : 4.5(Level1)--2(Level2)hours
Full Certification without Worry : CE(EMC), EWO, VOC, MSDS, UN38.3 & Batteries Drop and Safe Storage Test(EN_62133)
Weight : Approx. 1kg

Wind Speed Level :
Battery Mode : Level1 1050RPM   Level2 1210RPM
USB Mode : Level1 1050RPM   Level2 1080RPM

Smart Working Mode Auto Switching :
When the power is on, if the USB power is connected, the fan will only use the USB power and not though the batteries, greatly prolong the batteries service life :)
When the power is off, if the USB power is connected, the fan will auto start charging the batteries, the LED indicator will turn to blue light when the charging is finished.

Maintenance Requirement :
Just use a "+" screw driver to screw the joints if you want them be more tight.
Package Includes :

1 x Digoo DF-101 Portable USB Metal Desk Fan
1 x Micro USB Power Supply Cable
2 x 18650 Rechargeable Batteries (1800mah Each)
1 x Full English User Manual
1 x Digoo Original Gift Color Packaging
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Average rating:
5.0 / 5.0
bought a couple of these fans and all of them have the micro usb charging port fail within 3 months. If you want it to last its best to open the thing up and hot glue the micro usb port in place. other than that its a pretty nifty portable fan
September 08, 2017
Ventilador não é tão forte!
September 04, 2017
Não é tão forte quanto parece!
September 04, 2017
Good airflow very quiet being brushless should last a lot longer works for 1-2 hours on battery provided
August 28, 2017
Очень понравился вентилятор! В комплекте как и обещано два аккумулятора 18650. Очень удобно пользоваться!
August 22, 2017
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